We are a small town coffeehouse located in Powell, Wyoming. We love coffee and the people of Powell. We believe in embracing your uniqueness and being


Here at Uncommon Grounds we use coffee to foster community. We believe each person has been created truly unique and wonderful and that everything has something incredible to offer to the world. We believe that without you, we would be less of a community. So we are here to encourage you to embrace your own uncommon qualities and to use them for the betterment of our community. And nothing says encouragement like a delicious and heart warming coffee that inspires you to live your best life.


Uncommon Grounds first started out as a coffeehouse called Parlor News over 18 years ago. Its goal was to provide a place in which community could be fostered and create one giant Powell family. It served its purpose for many many years until it came under poor management approximately 10 years ago. It slowly became the polar opposite of what it was created for until it’s new owner, Meredith Tribble purchased it with the help of her incredible Mother. To bring to life what once was a thriving coffee shop known for it’s customer service and overall love for the people of Powell, Meredith decided it was necessary to change the name. We had a name changing competition with our customers and it was decided that Common Grounds would be the new name. However, the more we thought about it, the more we realized that that really, we are all a bit weird but that’s what makes this community so wonderful, so we decided Uncommon might be more appropriate. Since that time, we here at Uncommon Grounds have worked insanely hard to become the best coffee shop around. We believe that producing a delicious drink is important because our customers deserve the best because they are the best. At Uncommon Grounds we are all family. One giant messy family that loves coffee and each other. A thriving family occurs when each member embraces their own uniqueness and the rest of the family supports them in that. We each have our own amazing gifts and talents, we all think differently, and have different stories, but that is what makes us so beautiful unique and UNCOMMON.

We exist in order to encourage you to live your best life, and we do that through delicious and heart warming coffee.


We are multi-roaster coffeehouse located in the heart of Powell, Wyoming. We believe there is sooo much delicious coffee out there to try, that we can’t stick to one roaster.

Actually, that is not true.

We have gotten coffee from Caravan Coffee in Newberg, Oregon since the first day Meredith purchased Uncommon Grounds. We absolutely love them and more importantly, the morning men could not live without their Vagabond dark roast.

Currently we are in love with:

Pine Coffee Supply out of Pinedale WY. These guys are truly wonderful and are really working hard to put Wyoming on the map for absolutely incredible coffee. We are so honored to share their coffee with you. Sometimes you can even find Meredith slinging coffee there randomly!

Middle State Coffee from Denver, CO. These people are hilarious and their coffee is so good that it blows our minds! They love people and love to have fun and those are two things we support 100%.

Caravan Coffee out of Newburg, OR. These guys are some of our dearest friends and have always been there for us. We love their Vagabond roast and they have recently launched a Rotating Single Origins – RSO, that has been a ton of fun and super delicious,

BlackCoffee Roasters in Missoula, MT. Oh, we just think the world of BCR. They are working so hard to create a sustainable footprint which is something we can absolutely get behind.

Boxcar Roasters in Boulder, CO. We use their Stella blend for our espresso and we love it. We also use their seasonal bends and we are constantly seeking out of their Whiskeygrin and Cherrypicker. These guys always put a smile on our face through their e-mails to us and we are so blessed to work with them.

We have also used and absolutely LOVED:

H&S Roasters out of Laramie, WY

OZO Coffee out of Boulder, CO

MadCap Coffee out of Grand Rapids, MI

Verve Roasters out of Santa Cruz, CA

Dillanos out of Sumner, WA

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee out of Atlanta, GA

Revel Coffee Roasters out of Billings, MT


We also believe that a coffee is best consumed with a delicious treat. We offer over 6 different types of bagels, breakfast bagel/wrap sandwiches, lunch bagel/wraps, fresh quiche, scones, muffins, and other various deliciousness. We are known for our massive chocolate chip cookies and 3x chocolate brownies. Every Saturday morning we serve a special waffles that is always a hit.


Our baristas are here to love on you by creating a delicious drink just for you. We love that moment when you take that first sip of your drink and it instantly warms your heart, you sigh and think, ” YES. I can do this.” A good cup of coffee should inspire the rest of your day.

We are here to encourage you by providing the best customer service and the best food and drinks. We want you to feel like you are home when you are here.

Current Staff:








Cheers and love to all the past baristas who we madly miss and wish we could keep for forever.


Come Hang out and drink coffee with us! We can’t wait to meet you.

We are located at 104 North Bent St.

Right downtown on the west side.

We have a huge outdoor patio that is just waiting for you and a friend.


Monday – Friday






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