Spring Specials.

Honey Lavender Latte


The Blossom Latte

Cherry & Almond & Vanilla


Irish Berry Latte

Black Berry and Irish Cream


Lucky Charms Latte

Toasted Marshmallow and White Chocolate


Wyoming Spring-

Aka It’s Still Winter Latte

Spiced Brown Sugar & Butter Rum Latte


Berry Chai

Huckleberry Vanilla Chai



All Sizes have a double shot

House drip

House Mug $.75/$2/$2.25/$2.50

Refill $0.50


Two Shots of Straight up Goodness


Traditional Macchiato

2 shots of Espresso with a mark of steamed milk.



4oz total liquid: 2 oz espresso and 2 oz steamed




Espresso & Steamed Milk 

8oz $3.50/$3.75/$4/$4.25


Espresso & Steamed Milk & Foam

8oz $3.50/$3.75/$4/$4.25


Espresso & Steamed Milk & Chocolate.

Milk. White. Dark. Or Mexican Chocolate

8oz $3.75/$4/$4.25/$4.50


Espresso in Water

$2.75 any size

Coffee Americano

Two shots of Espresso in Coffee


Breve. Almost. Coconut. Oat Milk .75

Extra Shot .75

Extra Flavor .75

Uncommon Drinks.

Wyoming Latte

Honey and Sage Syrup

8oz $3.75/$4/$4.25/$4.50

Chuck Norris

4 shots of Espresso in coffee

$5 Large Only

Jacked Up

Energy Drink & Flavoring & Cream

$4.50 Medium $4.75 Large



Orange Juice & White Chocolate Blended Up

Add Additional Flavor for just $.25


Fluffy Cloud


Frozen White Hot Cocoa Blended Up

Add Additional Flavor for just $.25


Green Smoothie

Spinach. Coconut Milk. Banana. Vanilla Protein.

Chia Seeds

$5.75 Medium Only

Power Up Smoothie

Espresso. Peanut Butter. Chocolate Protein.

Banana. Almond Milk

$6 Medium Only


Almond. Caramel – Sauce. Chocolate – Sauce.

Cupcake. Hazelnut. Irish Cream. Lavender.

Macadamia Nut. Peppermint. Spiced Brown Sugar.

Toasted Marshmallow. White Chocolate – Powder.


Fruit Flavors:

Apple. Blackberry. Cherry. Coconut. Huckleberry.

Kiwi. Orange. Peach. Raspberry.

Strawberry. Watermelon.

Sugar Free:

Almond Caramel. Chocolate. Hazelnut.

Irish Cream. Orange. Raspberry.

White Chocolate. Vanilla.

Cold: 12. 16. 20 oz

Hot: 8. 12. 16. 20 oz

All Sizes have a double shot

Breve. Almost. Coconut. Oat Milk .75

Extra Shot .75

Extra Flavor .75

Not Coffee.


$2.50 any size

London Fog

3/4 Earl Grey Tea. 1/4 Steamed Half & Half.

Vanilla Syrup



Matcha Green Tea Powder Made with milk



Vanilla. Spiced. or Sattwa

Add Espresso for $.75


Hot Cocoa/Steamer

Flavor & Steamed Milk

Kids $1.75/$2.50/$2.75/$3

Italian Cream Soda

Flavor & Ginger Ale & Cream



Wild Berry / Strawberry Banana / Peach & Pear

Add Yogurt for $.25



Earl Grey

Caffeine Black Tea w/ Bergamot

PG Black Tea

Caffeine Plain Delicious Black Tea

Vanilla Black

Caffeine Black Tea w/ Vanilla Bean Blend

Blueberry Green

Little Caffeine Green Tea w/ Blueberries

Chinese Flower

Little Caffeine Green Tea w/ Flowers & Lemon

Green Tea with Coconut

Little Caffeine Green Tea w/ Coconut &

Vanilla & Ginger

Peaches & Ginger

Caffeine Black Tea w/ Notes of Peaches & Ginger

Peppermint Herbal

Caffeine Free Peppermint

African Autumn

Caffeine Free Red Tea w/ Cranberries & Orange

Wild Berry Hibiscus

Caffeine Free Hibiscus & Juicy Berries



Plain Cream Cheese or Butter

$2.50- $3

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Any Bagel you want

2 Eggs. Ham. Cheese.

Peppers. Onions. Plain Cream Cheese

$6 – $6.50

Lunch Sandwich

Bagel or In a Bowl

Ham or Turkey

Cheddar Or Provolone

Onions. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Spinach

Chive CC/ Garden Veggie CC/ Plain CC/ Or Hummus

Add Avocado For Extra $.50

$6 – $7.50


Cheddar Bacon (Extra $.50), Asiago, French Toast,
Jalepeno & Cheddar, Plain, Wheat.

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